6 Reasons To Hire A Drywall Contractor in Langley

Drywalling seems like a simple home renovation project. With the cost of living soaring sky-high in metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, it’s tempting for homeowners to try and save some loonies on home improvement. But many people take on a DIY drywall installation or repair project, only to realize they are in way over their heads.

Here are 6 reasons to hire a professional drywall contractor in Langley:


1 - Get a flawless finished product

Would you want to attempt your first tattoo on yourself? Of course not! Just like an artist, the craft of drywall finishing is perfected over hundreds of hours of practice. From accurate measurements to professional tools and refined techniques, there’s no way the average Joe or Jane can compete with a professional drywaller in quality and efficiency. Making your home a guinea pig for your handiwork is bound to get ugly.


2 - Spend your time on something better

The main allure of DIYing is that it can save you money. That’s if you know what you’re doing. Learning as you go means a slow process with a ton of redoing taping and mudding. You’ll also need to worry about transporting large, fragile sheets of drywall from the hardware store to your home and keeping the area you’re working on cordoned off for the duration of your project. Wouldn’t you rather spend your evening and weekends catching a Lions game, outdoors, or with family?


3 - Know you’re using the right product and tools

How many trips will you make to the hardware store for this ‘small project’? Its true, drywalling requires fewer tools than other trades. Bur unless you’ve done drywall recently, you’ll need to stock up with items like a drywall t-square, sanding tools, drywall knives, facemasks, a shop vac and more. Also, what thickness of drywall should you use? What if it’s in a bathroom. With so many variables, even a simple project can get complicated quickly.


4 - Quit asking your friends and family for help

As simple as it seems, drywalling is not a one-person job. You’ll need reinforcements to get this job done. Don’t you think your go-to guy or gal could use a break? Let’s face it, you and your friends or family have better things to do together in your spare time than fight drywall boards.


5 - Get the job done fast

Do you want your home to be a construction zone until you’ve pieced together enough hours to actually finish this drywall project? Whether this is the entirety of your renovation project, or just a piece in a bigger plan, the professionals will make sure your finished faster. Hiring a drywall contractor makes the whole process quick and painless, so you can have your home back in no time.


6 - Don’t hurt yourself or others

Hiring a fully-insured drywall contractor means you won’t be out of commission with a strained back and alleviates the stress of any worker liability concerns. You know you’re fully covered if you choose the right drywall company. They’ll know and follow safety precautions that you might not think of and help avoid serious health problems for you and your family.


Hire a Langley Drywall Contractor

Getting a professional company to complete your drywall repair or installation will save you time, money, and headache. Thankfully now you know a guy.

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