How Much Do Drywall Contractors Cost in Vancouver?

Are you planning a home renovation or just need a need a drywall repair? Pricing out drywall contractors can be time consuming and stressful. Quit wasting your time and get the facts. Here’s how much Vancouver drywall contractors typically cost:

An average drywall job

Most residential drywall installation projects will call for three parts: to supply, install, and finish the drywall. Some contractors break drywall boarding and finishing out separately from the material supply costs. Make sure when you’re comparing prices, you consider the costs as a whole

Cost to install drywall in Vancouver, Canada

Each market in Canada will have slightly different drywall cost averages. In Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver, where real estate and construction are booming, demand is consistent for the top drywall contractors. Drywall installation costs between $1.80-$3.10 per square foot for professional drywalling including supplying, hanging, and finishing the new drywall.

How Vancouver drywall contractors determine cost

How do local drywall companies come to this agreed average? Experienced estimators have a refined process for determining a drywall project quote. First, they measure the square footage of every surface where they’ll apply the Sheetrock. Next, they multiply their measurements by how difficult the installation will be.

What effects the cost of drywall installation

There are a few standard factors that make drywalling a home more or less difficult. Anything that increases the time it takes to install and finish the drywall, will increase your costs.

Multi-tiered accents

The more edges and cuts that are made, the more waste there is and the longer it takes to measure, cut, hang and finish each joint.


They’re great for hiding imperfections and adding character to your home, but matching existing textures takes an experienced drywaller.

Rounded features

Arches, alcoves, and rooms without corners are interesting architectural features, they also require time and expertise from your drywaller.

High ceilings

Even if you’re not drywalling the ceiling itself, hanging and finishing drywall in rooms with vaulted ceilings requires extra materials. Estimators also factor in the (surprising) amount of time it takes to move ladders around as work is completed.

Crowded spaces

Reputable drywall companies want to make sure your belongings are kept clean and undamaged. The less that’s in the way of getting the job done, the faster it’ll happen.

Additional drywall costs

You might be interested in other services that your drywall contractor offers. If you’re planning a basement suite renovation, keep it toasty with insulation; supplied and installed for an additional $3-$5 per square foot. Add on soundproofing services for about $1.00 per square foot. Get your finished drywall primed and ready for painting for about $1.50 per square foot. A good drywaller can help make your whole renovation project easier--that’s big value.

What’s more important than the cost of your drywall installation?

Like anything else, you get what you pay for when it comes to hiring a drywall company. Choosing the drywaller with the lowest price isn’t necessarily going to cost you the least. Especially when you’re doing a larger project like a basement suite renovation, delays cost you big time. Look for a reputable, professional drywall company over a cheap deal.

Hire a local drywall company that you can rely on

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