How to choose a Drywall Contractor in Vancouver

Especially now, when construction is going full tilt across the Lower Mainland, it’s hard to find a quality drywall contractor in Vancouver for an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for an expert to manage your drywall installation in a home renovation, or need some help with drywall repair, choosing a reliable contractor takes a bit of know-how.

Here’s how to choose a drywall contractor in Vancouver:

See what others have said

There are hundreds of drywall companies across Fraser Valley, but they’re not created equally. One reason it’s so important to vett your drywall contractor is that it’s an industry with a low barrier to entry. It’s easy to start a drywall business, but it’s not easy to stay in business. Poor contractors quickly get a bad rap, so the first place to start in your search is reaching out to your network for recommendations.


Here’s how to get trusted recommendations:

  • Ask your friends if they can recommend someone.
  • Ask the manager at your local hardware store.
  • Ask a realtor or other trusted tradesperson for an industry contact.
  • Look at online reviews on Homestars and Google.


Check the drywall contractor’s credentials

Once you’ve found 3-5 contractors who come highly recommended by friends, acquaintances, or online reviews, contact them with a set of questions. To get set up with the most effective inquiries, check out our blog, 13 questions to ask your drywall contractor or download our drywall contractor interview worksheet.


Compare quotes

Now that you’ve documented how each company measures up on some key points, schedule an estimate with your top three companies. You should expect a wait time of 3-7 days from the time you request a quote until a reputable contractor may be able to come quote your job. After all, good help is hard to find! Plan your project accordingly to allow for a busy contractor’s schedule.

When you have all quotes completed, compare them directly. Are they all around the same price? Did one estimator seem more engaged, ask more questions, and have better communication? Follow up with your questions and inquire about scheduling and references.


Check their work

Before you pull the trigger on a large drywall project, consider checking your potential contractor’s references, or requesting to take a look at their recent work in person. If they’ve gotten this far in your vetting process, they’re likely an excellent contractor, but if they show significant resistance to you contacting past clients: buyer beware!


Get it in writing

No matter what kind of flying colours your chosen contractor has passed your vetting tests with, before you hand over a single loonie, get a full agreement--including scheduling and payment terms--in writing. While it’s tempting to bypass this formality and leave business to a handshake and good will, a written contract not only protects you, but it protects the contractor. There’s no valid reason any reputable company would refuse to provide one.


What happens when you hire a bad drywall contractor?

The difference between choosing a quality company and a fraud has major implications.

Here’s what you can expect from a low-quality installation:

  • The line between the ceiling and wall is wavy or gapped.
  • The walls appear unsmooth, panel edges are apparent.
  • Ceiling drywall bows or sags.
  • Tape peels or bubbles.
  • Cracks appear around doors and windows.
  • Corners are uneven.

Saving a bit of cash on the lowest bidder can wind up costing you thousands. A poor drywall job means hiring someone to redo the work and pushing back your timelines.

Getting a quality drywall project finished in metro Vancouver might seem impossible task at times, but with a little diligence, and these expert tips, you’ll come out on the right end of the construction boom.

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