What To Do After A House Fire: 4 Tips For Damage Recovery

Across Canada, there are about 9,000 forest fires each year. That means that homes which are near forest areas could easily find themselves in jeopardy.

While forest fires are highly alarming, the top cause of house fires is someone getting distracted while cooking.

If your home has been affected, you're probably wondering what to do after a house fire. Take some time to flesh out the details.

4 Tips For What To do After A House Fire

A fire can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home. Take these steps to get your life back to normal:

Call Your Insurance Company

The typical insurance company will require you to file a claim about the damage to your home immediately after it happens.

The company will want proof of the claim that you're making. They will also send out an adjuster to look at your property and record the damage that they see so that the insurance company can work with you properly.

Hire a Contractor

Depending on the severity of the fire, it's likely that you have some damage to the structural integrity of your home. This is often something that you can't deal with on your own.

Hire a contractor to come to help you give their professional advice on how your home needs to be restored. Someone who has a trained eye can give you the information you need to feel assured your house will be rebuilt safely.

Track Your Expenses

You have a loss-of-use clause in your homeowner's policy. This will allow you to get reimbursed for the living expenses that you accrue if you can't live in your home.

For example. if you can't cook or store food in your home, you can submit a claim to reimburse you for meals.

Secure the Area

Unfortunately after a fire, if you're unable to stay on the property, other people may take advantage of that fact. Protect your home from looters by removing all the valuables that you're able to take from the area. Lock your doors and windows as securely as possible.

Turn off the water to your home because the fire may have caused damage to pipes. Cover any leaks with plastic wrap, if necessary.

Get Personalized Help

After a house fire, you're dealing with an incredible list of tasks. Custom Drywall knows what to do after a house fire to start rebuilding your home.

We can help you start your recovery process if walls in your home been damaged after a fire. Our expert eye and decades of experience can give you the relief you need, knowing your home is in good hands. Because each home is unique, we offer a free, in-person consultation to assess your situation and provide a detailed remediation and drywall restoration quote.

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