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T-Bar Ceiling and Suspended Ceiling Installation

T-bar ceilings are the choice finishing for commercial buildings, but they're gaining popularity in residential renovations and basement suites as well. When you need access, a suspended ceiling system is a practical and versatile option.


What is a T-Bar ceiling?

Also known as a suspended ceiling, dropped ceiling, false ceiling, ceiling tiles, and acoustic ceiling, t-bar ceilings are a type of ceiling finishing that is often used in offices and basements.

People choose to install t-bar ceilings for a number of reasons.

Our commercial clients love them because of the noise-dampening features, short installation timelines, and affordable ability to hide away ventilation, plumbing, and electrical, while maintaining its accessibility.

Homeowners choose t-bar ceilings for similar reasons. Now, more than ever, they allow you to be design-conscious, with many materials and colours available to choose from.

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Benefits Of T-bar Ceilings (Suspended Ceilings)

Speedy Installation

T-bar ceilings can be installed right over an existing ceiling. If you’re wanting to hide a dated textured ceiling, this is the fast affordable way to get it done.


Ceiling tiles come in a huge variety of designs. From soundproofing tiles to fashionable 3D features, drop ceilings are anything but boring.

Easy Access

For areas that need access to piping and electrical, a t-bar ceiling is the smart solution. If there’s a risk of a leak, ceiling tiles are easy to replace if damaged!

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